The Most Powerful Ultrasonic Antifouling in the World!

FANTASTIC, The good news is that you will definitely be able to Save Time and Money on your annual antifouling for your sailing boat under 16 meters in length.

Thanks you for taking the time to supply us with this information, it helps us to tailor the correct solution for your boat. Depending on the exact waterline length of your hull you would benefit from the Ultrasonic protection provided by either one of our custom made systems or multiple standard systems.

With an ultrasonic antifouling system by CMS Marine installed to your boat you will have a more efficient hull leading to lower fuel and running costs. The associated reduce wear on the engine and lesser requirement to either lift or dry dock quickly adds up to a substantial saving

The system is easy to install and requires no holes to be drilled in the boat, everything required to install the system is included within the shipment. The self explanatory manual will have your system up and running in a couple of hours. No electrical experience is required as the entire system is supplied with Plug and Play 100% waterproof connectors. A 2 Year warranty and our Try for £75 offer provides complete piece of mind. Designed and Manufactured in the UK by an electronic development company with over 32 years experience.

SonicShield protection for your boat will eliminate the need to antifoul annually by the scientific process of destroying algae at cellular level. Removing the algae destroys the food for all larger aquatic lifeforms such as Barnacles and Mussels. The system is 100% safe to humans.

Operating worldwide in over 60 countries the Ultrasonic protection can prevent the need to scrub your hull mid season to ensure your optimum cruising speed is maintained.

To request the FREE information pack with cost saving calculations of antifouling for your sailing boat over 20 meters in length and customer testimonials please supply us with a name and email and we will be in touch.