Ok, to get Ultrasonic antifouling for your sailing boat, let us know what size, we need the LWL (waterline length) , if you dont know then just estimate

Under 6mUnder 10mUnder 16mOver 16m



Installing a SonicShield Ultrasonic Antifouling system for your sailing boat is straightforward. It requires No Through Hull drilling and includes simple Plug and Play technology. Once running there is no maintenance and the system will protect your hull, propellers, rudder and keel 24/7.

Choosing the right system for your boat is simple. Less than 6M requires 1 transducer, Less than 10M 2 and Less than 16M 3. For boats over 16M multiple systems or a custom unit can be supplied. Location of the transducers will depend on the layout and access to your hull. With a standard fixed propeller and rudder arrangement the transducers will be located towards the stern, one port, the other starboard roughly between prop exit and rudder. For boats larger than 10M an additional transducer is located approximately 1/3 back from the bow. The only other consideration is if you require a DC powered unit or if you want the flexibility of the duel powered AC + DC system.

The Micro range are housed within a robust IP65 rated enclosure and benefit from the flexibility of allowing simple multiple unit installs if required. They take their power direct from your sailing boat’s leisure battery. To ensure total protection a charging source such as an onboard battery charger, solar panel or wind generator is recommended.

The Standard range has the addition of the dual power input allowing the system to be power by either your boat’s batteries or when available take the power direct from shore power. The system will automatically switch to AC power, no user input is required.

All SonicShield systems are controlled by an intelligent microprocessor which continuously monitors the status of the incoming power. Each control units has an average consumption of just 0.4Amps/Hr. When AC power is detected or your battery is being charged we will automatically increase the power to your transducers. More power, More cleaning.